Vb net textbox not updating

Hello All In my web page, i am retreiving values from database in textbox. Code for retreiving Values from database: Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection(constr); con. and the solution is to check a postback using the Is Post Back property. Is Post Back) if that doesn't help we'd have to know when you're calling that function in your code. Before giving Is Postback in my page load how come my update button click is taking the same value what i have retreived in Page Load.I have one update button in that page when i change the textbox value and click on button the value does'nt change it is taking the same value. Open(); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("Select User Name, First Name, Middlename, Last Name, Address1, Address2, Contact Number, Mobile Number, Email Address from User_Details where User Name='" user "'", con); Sql Data Reader dr = cmd. Is your data retrivel code in your page_load method? Both the events are diffrent than how update click is taking the same value as Page Load.When I change the text in one of the textbox controls (e.g., change the user's middle initial from M.to X.) and submit the form, the value seen for in the Public Sub that is executed when the Update button is clicked is the initial value (M.) and not the new value (X.).However, if I make a change to any of the textboxes, the updated value is not captured in the text box.

If so then what's happening is that you when click submit to change the data, you're form is getting the old data from the database, and then, your btnupdate_click method is then executed. protected void Page_Load(object sender2, Event Args e2) protected void btnupdate_Click(object sender, Event Args e) you would need to call Update instead of Fill on the Data Adapter. Before giving Is Postback in my page load how come my update button click is taking the same value what i have retreived in Page Load.

Any help in figuring out how to get updated values would be greatly appreciated. Page If I do not set the value of the txt First Name to "John" on the load, it works fine.

Roger Swetnam The event handler is as follows: public partial class Staff_Admin_User Edit Test : System. However, I I set that value on load and then change John to Roger in the textbox, when I press the btn Save, I still get the value "John" for str Revised.

This pitfall of this solution is that Update Rich Text Box has to be carefully written as it is being called re-entrantly on two different threads.

Using Method Invoker, you can only call void functions with no arguments.

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