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Vince is the composer of the band Erasure from 1985.Normally, Vince plays instruments like keyboards, guitar, violin, piano, melodica.

i also have a patrick stump thingy so you should read that, some people have been and i love them too (so if you're reading this and you've read that too then you're top of my list for fave humans ever)btw i just wanted to say some of you mention that you're depressed or upset etc : remember this; you're awesome, you're clever and funny and sweet and cool, and whoever or whatever makes you feel like you aren't is WRONG.

Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley, who grew up in Menomonee Falls and attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, isn't looking at his band's gig tonight at the Bradley Center in quite that light.

"We've only been on tour for a week," Hurley, who turns 27 on May 31, said during a phone interview Wednesday afternoon from Minneapolis, where the band played the fifth show of the 2007 Honda Civic Tour. Usually, it's nice to come home when you've been gone for awhile.

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In secret.""I'm a merch girl, I can't date co-workers! " "I get fired, have no money, become homeless, can't afford food and you pass by me on the street collecting nickels in a hat and washing my hair with my own tears." After looking at each other with a serious look on both your faces for about twenty seconds, the two of you burst out laughing.

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"I'll probably go to my mom's house and watch ' Heroes' and ' Lost' and ' Entourage,'" said Hurley, a vegan who spends much of his time in town on the East Side.

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