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Besides her appearances , Arianny Celeste can be called a host of the TV series called “Overhaulin'”.Arianny Celeste was created in 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada and her actual name is Penelope Lopez, though her point name is Arianny Celeste. Before she began her career in show business, Arianny Celeste was studying in Palo Verde High School.Additionally, later she had been studying at UNLV, where she majored in fitness center and nourishment. She’s also appeared in certain celebrities, including Playboy, FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Fighter’s Magazine.Back in 2008 Arianny Celeste became the Ring Girl of the Year award winner in the 1st World MMA Awards and she had been the person who won the exact same award in next decades, also.Maybe a bit of destiny came into play when Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez was born on Nov. It should be some party Saturday, with UFC 167 at the MGM Grand Garden. He got on his knees and made a huge spectacle out of him proposing to me. I said something like ‘thank you so much’ and I kept the ring. So she’s celebrating her birthday this week and the UFC’s 20th anniversary. But there are a lot of men out there who do support independent women, who do push them higher and not drag them down. “Confidence, sincerity and loyalty.” What is one of your favorite things to do in Las Vegas? “The best gift was a spa package for my birthday, which was really nice. The weirdest was probably a little engagement ring that some guy gave me at a signing.

She co-hosted the Internet series UFC Ultimate Insider with Joe Rogan at 2010.Now known as Arianny Celeste, she has been one of the most visible UFC ambassadors since she became a ring girl in 2006. It’s called ‘Top of the World.’ It’s a dance/club song.” It was a collaboration with the electronic dance music DJ duo Manufactured Superstars. It was kind of embarrassing for me but it was interesting. But it wasn’t anything special.” If you had to pick out your favorite photo shoot, which one would it be? I was on the cover and I designed a bikini just for this shoot. One of my goals is to start a bikini line, because I’m practically in one every day.The former Eldorado High School cheerleader-turned Octagon Girl is the subject of this week’s Q-and-A interview. I was kind of nerdy because I was really smart and focused on schoolwork but at the same time, I was a rebel and a cheerleader. I was a heartbreaker; I was voted biggest heartthrob in high school. Everybody knew that I was kind of quirky and had some loose screws but they liked it! I really loved the photos; there was a beach in the background.She outdated Praveen Chandra, an indian actor for many decades, but the couple split in 2014.Aside from this connection she’s never included herself in almost any other sorts of marital relationships and love affairs.

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