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It debuted to the public on ESPN as part of the network’s exceptional “30 for 30” series because of its length, but it also screened in theaters as one bladder-bursting block of film excellence.This debate obscures something important: However you classify it, this is the best piece of visual media in 2016.This will alienate some viewers, but as a portrait of grief on both a personal and national scale, as well as a depiction of the nuts and bolts of legacy building and myth making, it’s unforgettable.(In theaters nationwide) It’s up for debate whether Ezra Edelman's seven-plus hours of documentary footage qualifies as a film or a television show.A lot has been written and said this year about the so-called “death of cinema.” But moviegoers with patience and diligence were rewarded handsomely this year.Many of the best movies of 2016 popped up in the year’s final quarter—and most of them weren’t the big titles that littered multiplexes and raked in cash by the hundreds of millions.

who is the newborn son of his father Sylvester Stallone’s character Rocky Balboa, in Rocky II released in 1979 – a role which was later played by his elder brother Sage Stallone in Rocky V (1990).

The result of this seemingly odd combination is something irresistible.

(That’s probably why it will sweep all of next year’s Oscars.

Amy Adams stars as a linguist and Jeremy Renner as a scientist who are trying to develop a way to communicate with the beings known as heptapods.

As communication with the aliens gets stronger, communication between nations breaks down, and this man and woman are all that stand in the way of global catastrophe, yet the film never strays too far from Adams’ backstory as the mother of a young girl who died of cancer.

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