Who is kanye dating 2016

Here are three theories about this year’s most complicated celebrity beef. This is the version of events that hews closest to public knowledge.

West told Swift about part of the line, but didn’t include the "I made that bitch famous" section, and he didn’t play the song for her before its release.

(It’s an even year, after all.) This is getting more and more unlikely by the minute, of course.

At least we know that whatever ups and downs they face, no matter what haters they have, they'll always have each other! Is there any part of the conversation between Swift and West we’re not seeing?How much did she know about the song before it was released? Is this all just a sham designed to boost ratings, Snapchat follower counts, and album sales?Look back at the list of evidence provided before the theories.How could three people and their massive teams possibly keep all of those discrete items in sync and under wraps?

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With that said, this is a feud that’s dependent on how you evaluate the "authenticity" and media savvy of its participants.

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