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, shot by David La Chappelle, in a small dress and tall shoes, standing next to her older sister Paris under hot neon lights.

The hotel heiresses would appear together like this — Paris vamping, Nicky smiling demurely — throughout much of the aughts, when they smashed the idea of the perfectly-mannered debutante into pieces.

The venture, with projected locations in Chicago and Miami, would go bankrupt by 2007, less than a year after plans were announced.

I think style is being unique and coming up with your own signature look…not chasing every trend." Describing her own style as "sophisticated with an edge," Hilton confessed to a fashion fail when she was younger.

According to the article, he initiated emails with Hilton while he was in a romantic relationship with Renata Shamrakova, sending intimate messages such as, "I can't look, I'm so blind.

Lost my heart, I lost my mind without you without…you!

And then once we decided we really wanted to make this work, we both moved to New York.

Just flying to Paris for the fittings at their beautiful atelier. My husband says she's definitely wearing that dress.

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" If those words ring a bell, they're the lyrics to Usher's "Without You." But having just moved to New York that year to be with the man of her dreams, who would later become her husband, we're betting Hilton had better things to do than to reply to needy exes.

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