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It is quite a comprehensive list and we are not going to be able to put it all out here today, so we are going to do the next best thing which is to give you a cross section of the list.There’s Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Nicole Richie and Christina Ricci, as we said mentioned earlier, the list is quite long but we’ll call it a day on this one, in other words, that is all we have on Vanessa Hudgens’ height for now.

The actress has a perfect hourglass shape and we have the figures to prove it.

In addition, she has also played the title role in the Broadway musical Gigi in 2015, and the role of Rizzo in Grease: Live in 2016.

Now that we are all caught up, let’s check out Vanessa Hudgens’ height.

See also: Jennifer Lawrence Dating History, Boyfriend, Husband, Brothers It’s also pretty obvious that Vanessa is not on the big side, she keeps fit, she works out, she eats right… The one time the actress seemed to go off the rails with her weight, it was actually for a movie and we know that is not weird in any way, stars do it all the time.

You are probably used to seeing her ‘hot bod’ clad in something that highlights her near perfect figure, but the actress had to tone down her ‘sexy’ for her role in her 2013 movie, Vanessa added, ‘I am kind of a fitness fanatic I’m an earthy girl.’ Well today, here is a weight gaining tip from the star herself, croissants, lots of them.

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See also: Zach Efron Gay, Age, Girlfriend Dating You do not need a seer to tell you that Vanessa is on the petite side as the actress has only 5 feet and 1 inch to her name, the actress does not let her petite size hold her back though.

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