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We tend to think such a drastic choice is for later in life, for those who are past a certain age and want to try and stem the tide of the changes that are happening.

And that speculation says even a young, attractive woman such as Kellie Pickler has fallen to its impact. Every year many women opt for some type of cosmetic surgery to fix what they consider as flaws or to enhance assets they feel are good ones.In Pickler’s case, the change is major and very noticeable, making it quite clear she has had something done to change her appearance.Kellie Pickler Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, and Cheek Implant It is also a change that appears to have given Pickler more self-confidence.She lived in a small town and was lacking opportunities.After few years of hard practice she Kellie took part in American Idol and rolled till the 6th position.

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Again, though, whatever she has done appears to have given her self-confidence a real boost.

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