Wine steam updating

Granted, not works out of the gate as there's a daunting amount of work and optimization remaining.

But one fact stands tall: In less than a week the number of perfectly playable games on Steam for Linux increased by nearly 1000 titles.

To improve the broader gaming experience, Valve says that fullscreen graphics, multithreading, and gamepad support have all received attention.

If you’ve never added an external repository to Ubuntu before, it will integrate seamlessly into the system. There are plenty of recommended packages that you can install for additional functionality.A Completely Stable rating signifies that the game exhibits native-like performance with no bugs or errors.Since testing began, 971 unique titles have been stamped with a Completely Stable status.At its heart is a customized, modified version of the WINE Windows-on-Linux compatibility layer named Proton.Compatibility with Direct3D graphics is provided by vkd3d, an implementation of Direct3D 12 that uses Vulkan for high performance, and DXVK, a Vulkan implementation of Direct3D 11.

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We've been tracking Valve's efforts to boost Linux gaming for a number of years.

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