Xbox live arcade dating sim

Am looking for some downloadable xbox 360 games on the lower size file (let's say less than 5Gb? Also is there a way to see the download size from within the store before purchasing it?

) preferably RPGs or simulation games kind of like Zoo tycoons types. Could do this on Ps3 but can't find how on xbox.. submitted by /u/Generally Moral [link] [comments] More...

Who will like it: Platforming fans, people who like puzzlers that don’t require an IQ north of Albert Einstein, Ralphie.

Who won’t like it: Children on the naughty list, the Grinch, people waiting for Johnny Platform’s Hanukkah Brouhaha.

What could have made it better: Every stage begins with “L-E-X-I-V” as the starting word that you have to build on. When they show up, they cause nothing but pain and are in dire need of extraction.The charming 8-bit graphics that are without a tinge of a modern influence are among the best of their breed on XBLIG. What could have made it better: The RPG stuff is mostly smoke and mirrors, so I wish they had gone further with the concept than they did.Who will like it: Retro gamers, Breakout enthusiasts, demolitionists.Who will like it: Shooting fans, zombiephiles, Austin Powers.Who won’t like it: Shag carpet salesmen, actual evil geniuses, human resources managers.

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