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The internet is one of the few remaining spaces where people from around the world can easily engage with each other and create new content without large amounts of regulation.

Browsing the web, therefore, can sometimes be unpredictable for people of all ages.

The Truth About Risky Online Relationships Many adults fear that kids use the Internet to connect with strangers.

In reality, most kids and teens use the Internet to keep in touch with people they already know offline, or to explore topics that interest them.

The following information serves to clear up these misconceptions and helps to showcase some of the Internet safety facts by providing information for teachers about the myths and realities of online sexual solicitation, as well as guidance on how to approach this sensitive topic.

Thinking Beyond “Online Predators” & How to be Safe on the Internet In the most extreme cases of online solicitation – those involving older adults and teens – targets are usually aware of their solicitor’s true age and intentions.

For cases involving children, grooming may involve befriending the child, showing interest in his or her hobbies, exposing the child to sexually explicit material, and manipulating a child into a sexual encounter (Lanning, 2010).What Should Kids and Teens Know if Online Strangers Contact Them?Elementary School: Discuss with kids what it’s like to have a “gut feeling” about an uncomfortable situation.The media reinforces this depiction, which is problematic because it does not fit with the kinds of risky relationships that are more common for kids and teens or necessarily follow Internet safety statistics.In reality, when online sexual solicitation does occur, it’s more likely to be between two teens, or between a teen and a young adult.

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In this article, we outline key ways that you, as a parent, can protect your children and teens as they browse the web.

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