Yuko oshima eiji wentz dating

And if they play their new songs girls will go crazy with comments such as, “This is seriously so cool! ” And just due to that Itano felt triumphant with her rumour with TAKAHIRO.

The voices of jealousy from the other members also appeared to increase.”Moreover, “Itano and Sashihara were like cats and dogs.

On one hand, Sashihara got kicked out of the group due to a (love) relationship with a male fan.

On the other hand is Itano and the rumour with the famous TAKAHIRO.

She however continues, 'I still want people to recognize me as an actress so I won't lose!

'."A showbiz writer reports: "Gakky absolutely hates standing out, and she got really depressed when a tabloid published her picture.

Yui Aragaki and Ryo Nishikido were reported to have been in a relationship by a tabloid in March last year.

Everyone, including the restaurant staff chose not to pay too much attention because she was there for private reasons, but Aragaki started talking as if she didn't care about her surroundings."She also said that she wanted to settle down with someone who can live in Okinawa, more than ending up with someone who's her type.damn…talking about bad luck, i remember the time when defstar dropped them out and when they were signed to king records, the sales suddenly rocketed leaving defstar in the dust.shocked and surprised wondering what they did wrong lol.T_T I guess I’ll hang on to these things together with my happy (or rather fucked up) memories of that time no one knew that it will be a precious one… I’ll never spend a fortune again for some idol pic and you should be happy you’re the only one that is on that category…FFFFU!! looked much younger than s/mileage or berryz or tgs now than ever before @[email protected] no matter how fonchi cuts her hair, it always suits her and why is that XD i’ve seen her do short-cut, very long, boyish cuts and she always can carry it. its because this look pretty much resembles her early days in idoling!!! in AKB48, Aki Takajo, Atsuko Maeda, DBSK, Haruna Kojima, Jurina Matsui, Mariko Shinoda, Mayu Watanabe, Minami Minegishi, Minami Takahashi, Rena Matsui, Rie Kitahara, Rino Sashihara, Sae Miyazawa, Sakura no Ki ni Narou, Tomomi Itano, Tomomi Kasai, TVXQ, Yuki Kashiwagi, Yuko Oshima nah acchan just split the beans in her blog that nyan-nyan met them in shibuya yesterday…!

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